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  • Hello I am looking for cable which you may have made for Nortel its part number is NT6Q72CA do you have this cable if you do not then may be you can supply me with cable HANWEI SEYIVP 32X2X0.40 K007052 I am looking to buy 1600M of this cable. please contact me on ++353872515744 or email commsolutions@eircom.net kind regards Mike Allen


  • hello please contact me at commsolutions@eircom.net iam looking for cable kind regards Mike Allen


  • 額外的微


  • RG58 C/U多少錢


  • 同軸SYV75-5-1視頻線,什么價?多少量可以購賣?


  • 超五類屏蔽網線,藍色的,有現貨嗎


  • Dear Sir/ Madam, Hope you are doing fine & safe.. I am chintan from Ramcro Company...We are looking for Control cable Manufacturer in China who can manufacture similar type of BELDEN control cable with our own Ramcro Brand... Awiating for your positive reply... Best Regards, Chintan Parekh 00971 55 1424074 chintanparekh@ramcromena.com


  • 咨詢阻燃屏蔽線纜價格:32芯*0.2平,36*0.3平


  • 你們電話打不通


  • 有銷售經理的電話留一個


  • SYV-75-2-2X8 多少錢一米


  • Hi, we need a quote for the below part. Please help to provide and advise the contact number and email of the person in-charged for quotation. 1) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X0.4-BLACK Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x0.4mm2-Black EAU: 36meter 2) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X0.4-GRN/YEL Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x0.4mm2-GRN/YEL EAU: 320meter 3) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X1.0-BLACK Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x1.0mm2-Black EAU: 5200meter 4) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X1.0-RED Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x1.0mm2-Red EAU: 160meter 5) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X1.5-GRN/YEL Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x1.5mm2-GRN/YEL EAU: 48meter 6) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X1.5-BROWN Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x1.5mm2-Brown EAU: 208meter 7) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X1.5-BLUE Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x1.5mm2-Blue EAU: 60meter 8) Mfg Part Number: WDZB-RY 1X2.5-GRN/YEL Description: Cable WDZB-RY 1x2.5mm2-GRN/YEL EAU: 128meter 9) Mfg Part Number: WDZ-HEYFHP 1X2X0.5 MM2 Description: Cable WDZ-HEYFHP 1x2x0.5 mm2 EAU: 160meter


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